Monday, 23 January 2012


I'm scared.

I held John this morning while he shook and cried. He thought about all the work he has to do today and he can't cope. He's got to that edge and he's started to fall. He won't let me help him. He won't talk about it. If I try to talk to him it makes him worse. Im not good myself so it's not good. He said he's going to calm down with work today.

I want to scream at him to stop, I'm not I'm leaving him alone as he asks. It's hard, really hard.



ADB said...

It is ever so easy for me to suggest he goes and sees someone about it. I'm not familiar with John's work, but I'm sure there are ways to lessen his load - perhaps he should talk to those he works with or for. Wishing you both strength.

Sara said...

Oh honey... would John see a doctor do you think? He sounds in a right old mess, maybe he could get signed off for a little while, so that he can have a break from the stress and decide where to go from here.

(((hugs))) for you. It's hard seing someone that you love in pain.


Joan said...

Lainey, please tell John to go to GP to ask to be referred to the Wellbeing team. They help in a different way to Doctors but they can intervene and help with the work side of things if need be.
I hurt for you sweetheart as I can imagine totally what you are going through. John needs ti me out before he cracks completely.....text/phone me on landline sweetheart if you need to chat, if you get the answerphone talk to it and I will pick it up (screening bloody call centres at the moment!!) straightaway. Mega hugs and love xxxxxxxxxx

mortonlake said...

stress can creep up on you,depression sets in,i am so sorry for him.ive been there.hope things get better,tc,mort

Rjet33 said...

Sending up prayers for John.

Barb said...

So sorry, hon. Your John really needs a break. I've been in his shoes, and yours too, so know how difficult your situation is. It really helps to talk to a Wellbeing team. Hope he considers it. Hugs, love, and always my prayers.

Anonymous said...

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