Sunday, 22 January 2012


I was looking back over my journals tonight, wow! It's good to read back sometimes. It shows you how much things change, so quickly. I was reading bits out to John.

John is very very low at the moment. He is actually on the edge of having a nervous breakdown. His work is far too much for him at the moment. It just never lets up. No matter how much he tells them he can't do it all, they just say, 'oh ok' then give him more. I told John's mum and dad today how ill John is. I knew John didn't want me too but his dad was glad I told him John's dad told John to give up tomorrow. He said if its money he's worried about that he would pay our mortgage until we were straight. It made John cry, he had to walk out the room. He cried because deep down he know he has to do something about it, he cried because his dad was so nice to him. John's Dad is just so so lovely, supportive and kind. He gave me a smile, as if to say, don't worry Laine, things will be ok. John was glad that I'd told his Dad.

I've got lots of meetings this week, mostly all to do with Patrick. But, tomorrow morning it's for me. I'm going to a volunteers group at a learning organisation I used to belong to. I'm quite nervous as I've not been part of it for about two years. I'm going to volunteer to help at an art class on a Thursday morning. It's something I can do thats for me and will get me out of the house.

Right, I'll write more in the week.
Ciao xxx


Sara said...

I'm sorry that your John is having such a tough time at the moment, Lainey. And I hope that something changes for him soon.

Let us know how you get on at the volunteer thing!


Anonymous said...

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