Sunday, 8 January 2012


Ok, so my sixteen year old comes over and sits on the sofa. Mum, I have something to tell you, my ex-girlfriend may be pregnant! Well I didn't expect that.

I stayed calm, and said, don't worry joe, she probably is just saying that to get you back. He says, well she feels sick and her tummy feels hard. I say, don't worry Joe, she's probably just got a bug.

My poor Joe is beside himself. He's so so scared. He said he used protection and they only did it once. I tried to reassure him then that she's more than likely not pregnant. She may be making it up.

I'm hoping and praying, for Joe's sake that she's not. If she is, I'm gonna support them all I can. What else is there to do.



Heather said...

Mmmm. Mercy. Girls do play those games, dont they?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you are right...

Jane said...

What else is there to do? If you believe that he used protection then the thing to do is a dna test else he could be stuck with csa for the next 18+ years!

Sara said...

Hopefully this is nothing more than a false alarm, Lainey. Wow though, bit of a shocker for a parent to hear I'd imagine!

The upside is that your kids know that they can talk to you.