Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Sara Sara, thanks for thinking of me.

I do feel better. II was a bit down. I'm on an up day today. I have FISS coming tomorrow. So the ball will start rolling for professional outside help with Patrick. FISS stands for Family Intensive Support Service. The two ladies that are coming sound really nice. My social worker and Patrick's Social Worker couldn't make it so I'm on my own. I just hope at say all the right things so that we do get help from this service.

I've started to fill out my first ever tax return. Very scary! There is just one bit I need to ring them about and then I'm done. For the next tax year I'm going to get an accountant as it will get more complicated. This one was quite easy as I could just use my P60.

I'm feeling very fat at the moment. I've slowly put on about 3 stone since I've been on various medications. I need to sort out a diet. I just sat and ate loads of choccie digestives. I'm eating all the wrong foods! It's just getting motivated to do it! I've never ever, not even when I was pregnant, been this heavy before! never!!!! I'm middle aged and fat! :(

What was I going to tell you? I can't remember, was it that Sam's in a panto that starts this Thursday, was it that Joe wants me to dye his hair black and we bought the hair dye in Tesco tonight. Oooooh I remember, it was that I phoned the hospital about my operation date and it might be moved from 14th Feb as the management are changing the way they prioritise appointments for operations. If you can manage day to day and not considered urgent then you may have to wait longer. I really hope they don't change my appointment, I'm geared up psychologically! I just want it done. I'm to keep phoning to check! The consultant's secretary said it makes her mad that management sit up in their office and decide these things then leaves it for her to deal with having to tell all the patients. She said that all her patients waiting for ops at end of January are still going ahead as scheduled but she can't be sure that my date will go unchanged.



Sara said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better... how did the FISS - hope that's right! - thing go?

Fingers crossed for you, that you don't have to wait any longer than next month for your surgery. It seems like you've had a long wait already.


Aileen said...

Hi! Lainey

Nice to see you around again....I've just lost over 2 stones but not in a good way...Know what you mean about NHS times, I was due result of MRI Scan, after 35 treatments for Cancer, should have been 9th Jan now 23rd. Need this result to be good,but the wait has got to me too.

Joan said...

Lainey, thinking of you sweetheart!!!
Yours truly has been eating too many chocolate suggestives as well....along with the order of Lindt choccy I got (mental note to self not to order it online again....too tempting to eat when there is lots of it!!). I so want to lose the weight again that I did before but motivation is definitely lacking here as well and to be honest I don't really want to fork out the best part of a fiver each week to be told I have lost weight but at the same time I need the support and something to aim for if you know what I mean!!
Love to you all xxx