Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I've had a very strange day today.

I stayed in bed nearly all day. I was up most of the night, even though I'd taken amitriptalyne, they are sposed to zonk you out. Anyway, I was zonked out in the morning so once all the kids had gone I got back into bed and just slept. I slept really well, in fact I enjoyed dozing on and off. I got up about 1.30, showered and went to pick up Patrick.

John has had a very stressful day, he's struggling with work. It's hard for him doing such long hours and as he is general manager he has so many demands on him. There are also two nasty women in the office who try to make John's life hell. John is trying is best to keep afloat jobs of like £40,000 and they are bothering with tiny invoices that haven't been filed properly, etc. His boss called him today and said that the girls in the office say blah, blah and John just hit the roof, he's had enough! He was shaking when he rang me. He really is on the edge and I'm so worried about him.

When John got home we went out for a bite to eat and a chat. Sam looked after Patrick. It did John good to chat and he was able to clear his mind a bit. But, he is thinking of handing his notice in and joining me in the fostering world. He had told his boss he had had enough and his boss was scared and said, you can't leave! Trouble is they have no one else to do John's job! Well we will see what happens.

Our Patrick is a little darling, even though he has special needs he still notices a lot. Don't underestimate a child with special needs, it doesn't mean they are stupid! He overheard John and I talking. He went up to John, gave him a hug and said, 'be happy!' I burst into tears, how the little boy touches my soul. He then ran upstairs and brought me some tissues and said 'there are Laine, I'll look after you'. Bless him! Such a darling.

I'm having my hair done tomorrow! Yay! A bit of me time! I love going to the hairdressers. At least I have something to do tomorrow, it will get me out of bed. I find it hard when I've nothing to do. I can never get motivated.

Thank you Joany Joan for our chat this evening. Xxxx


Sara said...

Aww... Patrick sounds like a real sweetheart :o)

I hope that John's boss helps to take some of these problems away from him, now that he must have realised how unhappy it's making him.

Happy haircut day, lovely.

Joan said...

Lainey, darling, you are such a special friend and I will always, always be here/there to listen and to help you 'chew the fat' and try and put the world to rights so to speak....I just wish I was nearer to support you more!!!
Take time for yourself ....a chill session every day even just for half an hour will help!
I'm sure John will reach the right decision for himself and you whichever way it goes....he is a lovely man!!
Take care my sweet and I want to see pics of haircut day, lol!! Love you to pieces kid JJ xxxx