Saturday, 7 January 2012


Awwwwww, thank you for your welcome back messages and your support. All of you.

Heather, thank you for that information, that might be what he's doing. I'm now in touch with an organisation that specialise in sexual behaviour and children with severe learning difficulties.

Lynda, I might start making them owls again. I haven't done any for ages. There are only four people in the world that own one of my owls and your one of them! They are sold in a lot of shops here. By the time I get round to making them again they'll be out of fashion! Lol

Sara Sara, I bought you a pressie today. I saw it and just had to get it for you. It's only little but it was made for you! Can you email me your address again. I did have it written down somewhere but John's been tidying up and shifting my stuff everywhere lol!

I'm on an iPad now and finding it hard to use it for blogger. I did download an App, it lets you compose your blog but doesn't let you look at comments on it. Bit strange. I don't really want to change my blog provider! Any recommendations?

Mr P has been a little star. He had 6 teeth out yesterday and he is doing so well. He's been on soft foods today. So he doesn't unblock the clots that have formed on the holes in his mouth. He woke up with his pillow covered in blood this morning but he didn't complain one bit. At the moment he is sitting at the dining room take doing some colouring. He would never have done this on his own when we first got him. It's so nice to see him do things in his own.

Right this blogger thing is not working properly so I'll log off now and I'll write again tomorrow. Thank you Sara Sara for bringing bloggy people back to me! You've inspired me to write again. I'm giggling because it originally said boggy people! That's my iPad for you! Keeps correcting me!

Love Lainey xxxxx


Sara said...

Mr P is very brave :o)

My blog - and the friends that read and comment - has been a life saver for me this last couple of months. I'm definitely going to keep writing.

You boughted me a present? Aww... Lainey Laine, it's lovely that you thought of me like that. Thank you :o)

LYN said...

Did you ever get the gift I sent you? I totally forgot till now!!
I love that you're writing! x