Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today didn't start off good. I had the most painful stomach cramps. I get them now and then. I can't do anything but just lay in pain. John got quite worried.

I can't cope today. I can't cope with Patrick. He won't do as he is told. He's annoying and I haven't got the energy. He's such hard work when you feel low. It's on these days that I question myself as to how long I can go on looking after him. We have a meeting with our agency tomorrow to talk about our future with Patrick, respite, what will happen when I have my operation.

I just feel low today! :(


LYN said...

Sorry you're feeling so rotten lovie...hang in might not all feel so daunting when your back on top..BUT if you can't do it you can't...most of us wouldn't even try...big hugs... xx

Sara said...

Have a (((hug))).

Joan said...

Lainey, do whatever feels right.....don't beat yourself up if you can't carry on with things - your health is utmost at the moment, without that you will find it difficult to go on. Like Lyn says you will feel more able to cope once you are pain free; that will take some time so just be sure you do the right thing for you (and John).
Loads of love to you all, you know where I am if you need to chat xxxxx

Sara said...

How's our Lainey today?
Thinking of you.