Friday, 16 April 2010


Oscar seems so much better today. No limp at all. So I havent taken him to the vets just yet but Im keeping a close eye on him. Going to the vets for Oscar is a big trauma! Just like us humans really, only we dont go to the vet do we!

Well we had a very important visitor to our little town of Hastings, Gordon Brown was here. But, I missed it as I was in Brighton visiting my mum and dad. He visited our local Tesco. Not that its that exciting news but thought I'd just tell you.

I had all my girlie friends round last night. 15 of them to be exact. I had an Ann Summers party. Sexy lingerie party! hee hee!! ;0) It was really good fun and exactly the tonic I needed. I did get a bit tipsy though.I wont tell you what I bought! But I really, really enjoyed myself! Also it meant my house got a good tidy up and even some dusty cobwebs got cleared away from corners! So I have a very clean and tidy spruced up lounge!

Sam went to a party last night. He came home quite tipsy. I was in bed when he came home but Joe told me he was. He is now in bed feeling poorly. I do worry about him when he goes to parties. Only because I remember what it was like when I was 16! Infact, he is going on 17 and its far too scary!!!

Thanks for your comments. Laine xxxx


Jan said...

Oh so everyone is tipsy in your house today lol ,lots of fluids !! ,fancy missing Gordon Brown ,I bet he was so disapointed lol Jan xx

Jeannette said...

At last I have found your blog again, somehow I lost the link but found you under another journal. Gordon Brown, hmm, not sure I would want to meet him lol

Stuart said...

This would have been a much more interesting entry if it has included photos :)

Seriously though glad Oscar escaped the Vet

Sara said...

I agree with Stuart, wish there were photies of you and your girlies having all the fun :o)

Feel sad about the cobwebs though, poor cobwebs... mine is still attached to the clock :o)