Wednesday, 7 April 2010


You are all so kind, thank you.

I feel funny today. I had such a lovely weekend. John, Oscar and me. Just us and the numerous people in the New Forest of course! It's all back to normal now. John worrying about work and me worrying about John. Im fed up with being fed up! You go on a high and then when you hit the low its hard to get up again!

John can get his frustration and anger out in one go. It all comes out like a volcanoe - he erupts and then he feels better. I, on the other hand, get affected by this volcanoe and I have the smouldering lava on me for days! It takes me alot longer to shake it off. So then I go into a sulk worrying about him and he then wonders whats up with me. A viscious circle could then occur!

I've had a bit of a bad tummy today. I do get IBS when Im nervous. Im not consciously nervous about the hospital on Friday but I must be deep inside coz its affecting my bowels. Sorry! Prob too much information!

I will know Friday whats going to happen. Thats all I can think about at the moment. I just want to know now!

Sorry Im being very down.


mortonlake said...

think thats normal are sure to be nervous,but you know you will be ok.least i hope you take care,love mort xx

Jan said...

How could you know you have to go to the hospital ,and not feel nervous ,then every other little thing blows out of proportion too ,You will be fine go for it kid , can do it Jan xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just remember that what ever happens with the hospital or the job it will be fine in the end. So often we worry only to wonder why we ever did it to begin with. We just got to enjoy the days, minutes, hours, as they come and be thankful for them.

Aileen said...

Thinking of you Laine, and hope for a good result on Friday.
I attend two Hospitals on a regular basis, and hate going, but we would be lost without them!
My next one is Tuesday 13th.
Take care

lunarossa said...

I went to the hospital yesterday for my first session of hypnotherapy to cure my IBS and I was so worried that my IBS flared up! What a joke! Take you ipod or some music with you. MRI can be a bit noisy...Fingers crossed and Hugs! Ciao. A.

Stuart said...

A phrase I like to use,

This too will pass