Friday, 9 April 2010


Thank you all for caring so much. It really means alot! They say you always turn to an old friend when you have trouble and I did just that I turned to all of you. My lovely Jland people. Thank you.

This is how it went today.

First of all I was a bit fed up as I didnt see my usual consultant, he was there but I had to see his assistant. From that point I felt that I wasnt going to get the news I had hoped for. Actually, to be honest, I dont really know what I had hoped for. I can tell you that I was so nervous. I felt sick, I was shaking. I was in a right state! How stupid!!

Anyway, they showed me the MRI pictures and they explained that they didnt think at this point an operation would work, infact they said an operation could make me worse. They said that the disc that protruded before had sort of gone back in but was badly worn. There is another disc that protrudes a bit and is near the sciatic nerve. They said the sciatic nerve is reacting to it and that's what is causing me pain and discomfort in my leg and foot. They have offered me injections that will go deep into my spine and give me strong pain killers and anti-inflammatories. This will calm down the nerve and the pain should go. John asked about the longevity of the injections, her answer was that by the time the pain killers wear off then the nerve will have got used to the narrowing and it should then have calmed down by then. They are not sure about the pins and needles in my toes though. She sort of inferred that its probably too late for anything to be done about that. Like the damage is done! I was a bit cross because before the MRI my consultant had said that they could almost certainly get rid of the pins and needles too. It would just be the numbness that wouldnt disappear.

But at least its not as evasive as an operation and I will only be off work for a couple of days instead of six weeks. I just only hope it works! They will follow up after and help me get the strength back in my foot as it doesnt work properly. I cant keep sandals on or flip flops and I cant put any weight on it. I feel a bit down coz I never got definate answers but then I feel relieved coz I havent got to have an operation. At least they are doing something! I just cant help feeling like Ive been fobbed off. I asked what would happen if the injections dont work and she couldnt really answer. I actually think they dont really know what to do with me.

I asked what would I do if the pins and needles dont go away as they drive me mad at night and I dont want to be on medication forever. She said that it might only be a case of keeping on with the Amitryptiline.

I still feel like I dont really know whats happening. It could be up to 3 months before I get these injections done! They took an x-ray of my back today too so they can see what's happening with my bones. I should get the results of that in 14 days. I should hear within the week when my appointment will be for the injections.

Also today, John had a letter about his job. It was calling all Sales staff in for a meeting next Tuesday. It says that there is a proposal for another company to buy the division that John is in. They are basically being taken over. John knows the company in question and he knows that they wont take on the staff. So in a couple of months time John will almost certainly be out of a job. But we shall see, they may take on a few of them. Lets just hope! Hope is a big word of the day!

Zoe!!! So good to see you and thank you for your kind words.

Thank you.
Laine xxxx


Jan said...

Although you didnt really get to hear what you hoped for ,at least its over ,My daughter is experiancing the same as you , I hope you hear soon and can get your procedure through quickly Jan xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope those procedures work for you. I'll be saying a prayer that they do. Just be kind to your back and take it easy. At least something is being done and that is a start. Keep the positive attitude as that helps more than anything. Buy outs are all over here too with companies. One of my sons went through that. He still had a job but benefits were cut. Luckily for him something better came along. Hang in there...Remember to take it a day at a time and enjoy what you can to celebrate each day!

louise said...

Hi, just wanted to say I hope the injections work for you. Sorry about your worries about Johns job, there is alway something isnt there! Take care xxx

Stuart said...

I am absolutely sure the injections will work.
Trust them a little on this.......
It is better than an operation.
Be Happy! it is good news!

Don't worry about work, jobs or anything else time enough for that when it happens.

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Joan said...

I so wish you had seen you own consultant hope you get to see him next time you always feel better when you know who you are speaking too. Hope all goes weel for you take care Love Joan.