Monday, 19 April 2010


OOOOOH naughty Stuart and Sara Sara!! Those photos are censored!!!! Ahem!!

Was back to work today. I didnt want to go back to work. Well nobody ever wants to go back to work after such a long holiday! It was lovely at work today though. I was outside most of the day with the children. I love this weather!! How lovely to be able to do lessons outside! yay!!! At lunchtime we played out on the grass and I got lots of daisy chains given to me! I likes my new jewellery, not sure it will last long though, bit wilted now! :(

John has had a little glimmer of hope. An old friend of his phoned him up about a job. So keep you fingers and toes and paws (if your a fur friend) crossed please!

When I got home from work John and I went for a walk down to the park. It was lovely to sit in the sun and watch the birds and the ducks. We saw three ducks chasing a rat too! That was quite funny! I never knew that ducks chased rats! The rat won though!

Yesterday John and I met up with his lovely daughter Emma for a picnic and a walk at Bedgebury Pinetum. . It was such a beautiful day and was so lovely to spend time with Emmy Em! She brought along with her some lovely Rocky Road biscuits she had made, click on me for the link of how to make them. Sam and I are going to go to Tesco later and get the ingredients so we can make them! I will have to be careful not to eat too many though. I dont want to put all my weight back on. Did I tell you I lost just over a stone in about three months! Im a whole dress size smaller!! Whoooooo!!!!

Anyways I off now to put the pizza in oven or we wont get any tea!

Laine xxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the fine weather. We got a little warmer here too. I'll be saying a prayer for the job situation. They say most get a job from recommendations from friends. Hope is something we cannot do with out. Faith and hope are very important for sure.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Paws crossed here ;o)

Stuart said...

Not warm here at all you lucky so and so it is freezing here!