Thursday, 29 April 2010

New blogger - yay

We have a new blogger in our midst! She is 16, she is the daughter of a very close friend of mine, she is a very close friend to my Sammy Sam and I loves her lots and lots!!! Her name is Lucy and you can find her on Speaking with Ambiguity. Please visit her as she is new to blogger!

I promise I will write again tomorrow! At the moment Im trying to talk to a friend on facebook who is having real big problems with my god-daughter. (her daughter!) So Im trying to work out with her what we can do. The thing is she is always so good when she is with me so I dont see the side that her mum sees.

I promise to write again tomorrow and I will visit you all too.

Love Laine xxx


lunarossa said...

Ciao bella, I will visit her blog, thanks for the tip. Hope you're back is feeling better. Have a great bank holiday weekend. Baci. A.

Stuart said...

off for a visit