Monday, 12 April 2010


Beginning of another week.

Bit of a funny week this week. Im off work still but feel like I should be back by now. It seems a long holiday! This time next week though I will be thinking it wasnt such a long holiday! Mind you we will only be back six weeks and then we get another week off and we have two more bank holidays to come!

John's meeting tomorrow! He finds out what is in store. Job or not job. We will know tomorrow night!

I have booked an Ann Summers party for Thursday night. Invited all my girlie friends to come round and have a really good laugh. Ann Summer parties are always such a laugh. I felt I needed a good girly evening! Might even buy some nice undies!! Hee hee!!! But, the girl who hosts it has messaged me on facebook to say she cant do it! So she is going to find someone else to do it. Ive also sent a message to another friend that I know does them! Otherwise we will just have a girlie evening without the Ann Summers!

Today John didnt feel like working today with this meeting looming tomorrow. Infact none of his colleagues felt like working either. So we went over to Rye. A lovely little town not far from us. We walked round the streets and stopped for lunch. Lunch was a bit disappointing but it was nice to be out and about. And probably the last time we will go out for lunch. Things like that will have to stop!

Tomorrow Im going to cook a stew in the morning, beef stew! Or casserole I suppose as Im putting it in the slo-cooker! I will then be meeting up with my friend Carol and we will walk our doggies! Then in the evening I will go visit my friend Maria. I dont know if I told you or not but do you remember when my friend had a dog called Poppy. Well poor Poppy died a few months ago but Maria has got herself another doggy called Rocky. He is lovely but a bit lively! He is only a pup. We think he is only 18 months old. She got him from a place called Second Chance - its a rehoming centre for doggies.

Wednesday Im going to meet my friend Sue for the morning and then after that Im walking my doggy with my friend Lucy and her doggies. Lucy is the teacher of the class I work in and it will be so nice to see her outside of school.

Thursday Im spending the day with my god-daughter and her mummy and her gorgeous baby sister. We are going to have a go on the Wii fit!! Then thursday night is my girlie night!

Friday Im going to go visit my Mum and Dad. Looking forward to that!

Saturday is free, phew!

Sunday we are meeting John's daughter for a picnic. We are going to Bedgebury Pinetum which is a lovely man-made wooded area.

Then its back to school!!

Laine xx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does sound like a full and wonderful week for you. I do hope the news at your hubby's meeting is not as bad as feared. Enjoy your days off. Work will return soon enough. At least you are enjoying the place where you are working and that helps.

Jane said...

I've got my fingers crossed that it's good news this evening about your husband's work Lainey, altho perhaps if he hates the job anyway he'd be better off getting his redundancy pay and getting out of it and trying something new?