Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Well John had his meeting yesterday and was told that his job will come to an end at the end of May. So then he will be out of work. There is a very slight possibility that the company buying out his company may keep him on but that is just like clutching at straws. Its very unlikely but still a very tiny bit of hope.

John seemed quite philosophical about it last night. Im not sure how he is this morning. He went out at nine this morning to drop Sam into his college revision day and then he has gone for a walk. Probably to try clear his head.

I told Sam and Joe last night that they will have to give up guitar lessons for a while, amongst other things that will have to stop. The boys were really fine about it. They both did exams this weekend just gone, Sam did grade 3 and Joe did grade 4 so they have managed to get to really good grades and one day they may be able to progress further. I think that the majority of our youth of today really havent got a clue about what its like to go without. My boys have never ever gone without but I think very soon alot of younsters will begin to find out!

I think that big changes will have to be made. John said that his boss is beside himself as he has a high maintenance wife! Good job Im not one of them. I said to John well his wife will have to come down to reality then! Thats the trouble alot of people live in a world where they think they can have everything and used credit like theres no tomorrow. Im so glad we havent been like that or this would be much harder! John reckons we will be able to survive, paying mortgage etc. for the next six months. That gives him plenty of time to find something else and maybe expand his little business he has making stainless steel handles.

Im glad I got that off my chest, even if it doesnt make sense I feel better for saying it.

Laine xxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know you will do just fine and if you have 6 months time I'm sure another job will come. It is good now to know exactly where you stand with the situation and will not have to wonder. The unknown is what is the scary part. I know everything will work out as you are taking a very sensible outlook at it all.

Joan said...

So sorry to here your bad news and I hope everything works out for you. It happened to us more than once but we made it work out ok. Sit down and do the figures in a few days, we found once we did that it seemed brighter for us. Hope hubby can find a new job soon will be thinking of you. Love Joan

Jan said...

Oh Lainie sorry to hear this ,but you both seem to be handling in a very positive way ,and you are right kids today find it totally alien when told we can't aford it I know my Grandsons did when their father was on short time hope things work out for you Jan xx

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope things stay smooth, at least the economy is on the upswing, so maybe there will be something else soon.

mortonlake said...

ive been there so know how he feels.many yrs ago.hope it all comes good for you,tc love mort xxx

Stuart said...

Just caught up on your last two entries.
Don;t get down about this all it will pass things will work out one way or another look for the upside in everything........this may well lead to better things!