Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Stuart, lol Im taking the chill pills! Need them!

Car still with man! It was with him all day and he didnt get a chance to look at it til 5.30. But, he is really doing me a big favour so I didnt complain. He is going to get the part for the door tomorrow and then fix it. Good ole Mia taking me to work again tomorrow and picking me up. I finish at 1.15 tomorrow! I love Tuesdays and Thursdays coz they is my half day days!

On Friday we are in church in the morning for St. George's day and we all have to wear red and white and in the afternoon I am taking 8 children to a football tournament at Battle school. Im hoping it will be a sunny afternoon. Well I say Im taking them, Im not really. Their parents are picking them up and we all go in our own cars. Im just going to watch really! So there is an adult from our school. I hope the children behave I will feel funny telling them off infront of their parents.

John went to see his friend's company today about possibly working for them. He said they seem very interested! So we will just have to wait and see.

John not so stressy today. He does have to drive all the way to Coventry tomorrow as the company taking over his company are interviewing them all as they may take a couple of them on. Its only a 15 minute interview! Then he has to drive down to North London for an afternoon appointment for work. Then he has to go back up to Coventry on Friday to see the outcome of the interviews! I dont know why they cant just phone him on Friday! Its a hell of a lot of driving!

John says if he gets a job we will be going away for the next bank holiday! yay!!

Laine xxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's nice having a friend that you can count on for a ride. Hopefully tomorrow the car will be all set. And hopefully you'll be going on that holiday too. It's good that there are some prospects any way.

MariesImages said...

Hey Lainey, hows everything?? Is this your photography blog too, or you post on another??
I hope to see your GARDEN photo in our challenge this month!! Would love to see some English gardens...;)

Stuart said...

How far away is Coventry from where you live?
Sounds a long way?

Sara said...

Fingers crossed for that holiday m'dear :o) xxx