Sunday, 21 November 2010


Thanks for all your comments and support. Im trying not to worry too much. Sam's a good lad and Im sure we will get through this. Jane, Sam doesnt get EMA money, weve got to sort his money out and we are going to give him an invoice for the money he owes us, the money that he took.

We went to the theatre this afternoon, we saw a brilliant play called Skylight, written by David Hare. It was spellbinding, really good! If it comes to your local theatre I urge you to watch it. There was only a cast of three. It was about a girl who had been a mistress to a very successful business man and he suddenly came back into her life after three years, his son was also in the story. Brilliant! I felt good watching the play, I did feel a little anxious sometimes, I just wish I could relax and not worry about how long its going to be!

I bought a DSi today, Im really loving it. I sold my DS lite on Amazon for £85.00!! So I went up to Tesco with John and bought a DSi, £119.00, which came with Professor Layton 3 free! As I already have that game, which Im loving by the way, I then put the one I got for free on Amazon and sold it for £27!! So in the end I didnt have to pay much out for my new console. The new DSi has got more features on it than the DS Lite, it's got a camera on it!!!

Now, what do I need to say to the Doctor tomorrow,

Im still feeling anxious and really cant stop burping.
I feel tired.
My head feels all muzzy.
I feel strange!
I dont know what to say, I guess it will just come out when I see her!

I know one thing, Im worrying about everyone and everything!!!


Jan said...

I think the burping comes from hyperventilating Laine , things will work out with Sam ,Im sure ,so pleased you enjoyed the theatre Jan xx

Stuart said...

Go easy on Sam. In some ways it is best ignored now it has been talked about.

Will be thinning about you at Dr so do let us know how it goes.

Sara said...

Glad you enjoyed your afternoon at the theatre, Burpy Laine ;o)

Hoping that tomorrow goes well.
Will be thinking of you too.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had fun, and that things are feeling a bit better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just tell the doctor what you have been telling us. I know everything will work out just fine, because you want it to be. Hang in there and you'll see.