Thursday, 25 November 2010


I feel a bit low again today, my irritable bowel is painful and I didnt sleep too good last night, I was a bit restless. I had nightmares too, keep getting those!

It's strange this feeling. One day or minute I feel really good, then another I feel really frustrated and low and things just get on top of you. I'm having niggly arguments with John and he is all moody saying the house is a mess and that its got to be tidied up. I've been doing little bits and my intentions are to do more but I just dont get round to it. I think that is annoying him!

My friend took me out this morning and her husband gave her money for us to go have coffee, guess where we went? Yup Costa! hee hee. It was nice, but I was suffering a bit with pains in my tummy so I didnt enjoy it as much as I should of.

I havent eaten much today but I've prepared myself a nice dinner, Ive got roasted veg and chicken. It's funny how I can't eat during the day but I will eat dinner in the evening.

Joe is happier today, he is hoping to spend the weekend with his Dad but his Dad is moving tomorrow and might be too tired to come over to pick him up today as he has been packing all day. I think if his Dad does come it will be good for Joe. Joe's school is closed tomorrow and Monday so he has a nice long weekend.

Sam's being a good boy at the moment. He doesnt seem to be smoking as much, he said he would cut down and I believe he has.

John's daughter will be ringing tonight to tell us all about her trip to New York. She came back on Monday, she was there for 4 nights. She went on her own! Good for her I say. If she wants to do something she does it!

I wonder if we will get any snow, I know there is snow up North. We usually get it a few days after! I don't want it! It's nice the first day when everyone enjoys it, but then it's annoying when you can't get anywhere!


Stuart said...

things do tend to go up and down - go with the flow - don't worry about it all - relax ;)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

None of us have perfect days and to have ups and downs is to be expected. I agree with Stuart, relax and don't worry so much. When I hear you tell about your days there is so much good and love in them that those are the things to focus on. To have a good friend, a wonderful husband, and children are things that not everyone has. You are blessed. Take care and think on those good thoughts.

Sonya said...

Lainey, I hope you feel better soon. I am thinking you need rest, drink lots of water (perhaps a glass of red wine for the tummy) and to not worry. However, if you want to do baby steps on things around the house...try as she is so cool with tips to help those of us who are busy and need to take care of the house in a flash. Hope your day tomorrow is a bright one. One day at a time, and take care of yourself!